A Short Hop in Hyperspace

I was standing at the edge of the solar system, looking in. They came rushing towards me on beams of light. The Guardians of the Gateway I named them, as sometimes hyperspace places the words in your head and suddenly you know the name of things you never witnessed before. They had flame golden eyes of sunlight and crowns of white-gold. They were solar flares.

They race out to the edge of our solar system and create the protection bubble that we float in. The Heliosphere.

The Guardians of the Gateway, the bubble that protects the solar system from radiation rays and other hostile things. We float like a little fetus inside.

Outside the solar system you can look down at Sol, the yellow sun-star, have a look at his planets especially the one bustling with interactions, Terra. You can come in or you can leave, you can choose a path before you jump into the inky night pool of Terra, begin your Great Dream, stretched out like a fond tale told slowly, savouring every little moment.

I guess I jumped in about 36 years ago, terra-time.





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