Elder Age

And then, one day all the human hearts stopped beating. The last organic heart failed and the vast machine who had kept it pulsing, was adjusted. We broke free from our past. Our youth of humanity. Now was our elder age of technology, alchemy and magic. We plugged in to the dream net to feel the emotions and live like humans again.



Image by Aleksandr Kuskov

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  1. Simon says:

    I like this, it give one a lot of ideas for stories around it.

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    1. inkbiotic says:

      Agreed, this could be the beginning of many novels, the possibilities are numerous.

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      1. Simon says:

        I hope there are and you get to write them all!

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      2. inkbiotic says:


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  2. Joel Latterell says:

    Do you do your own artwork? Arresting ideas: matrixy but from the POV of the heart.

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    1. Hi there, no most of the artwork is not mine, and I can’t always find the original source so I created this page 🙂 https://disappearing.me/honouring-the-source/
      The image on Elder Age is by Aleksandr Kuskov.


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