A Star is Born…

One of the many reasons I love to buy old books as opposed to new ones, is the rare delight of finding something forgotten inside it, left behind by a previous owner. Whether it be an intriguing inscription written a hundred years passed, or a curious bookmark that has a story all of its own.

Today the forgotten delight is a newspaper cutting entitled ‘A Star is Born‘, describing strange new worlds discovered in London…fallen from the pages of a 1970’s book on Black Holes…

The cutting, which sady has no date (but does have a hint on the back that it is from the Daily Express) speaks of strange new worlds, where time runs backwards and has magnetic whiskers covering its surface. It describes stars dying, collapsing inwards until they become black holes. It also describes the mystery of atoms and the empty space inside them. Something we humans, some 40 years later, still struggle to come to terms with.

We are made of nothing, empty space within a mesh of mysterious instructions, little conscious atoms that appear to understand the universe better than we do…

a star is born newspaper old article
Newspaper cutting possibly from the 1970s






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