Be at peace with your demons

Almost every human has mental health problems. But most are in denial with their ego that they do. These people will manipulate others so that their world still serves them and they don’t have to admit to anyone or themselves that they have a problem.
Those that lie, trick, cheat, manipulate and impose themselves on others in a way that always makes them either a victim or the victor, these people will never heal until they stop eating their own ego, they have become so engorged on their own fake self that everything they project is fake, their true self lost under the weight of the ego driven insecurities that they hide, pretending they don’t have to heal their mental health.
Pretending they are perfect and it is others who are not perfect, the ones who openly say they are struggling with mental health. The ones who have been kicked by these people when they’ve been down.
Those who claim to be happy so have to ensure everyone else knows how happy they are by constantly projecting fake self news.

Those who put others down while still claiming to be happy.

Those who manipulate their partner, in the most unenlightened way…yet still claim they are enlightened.
Those who follow paths laced with power, greed and control over others.

Be aware that no one is healed. We are all partly broken. There is no shame or competition from others. Only that which we create. Giving credence to others’ judgements strengthens their ego.

Be at peace with your demons. Embrace your darkness. Don’t smother it like a thing not to be seen.

We all have ugly, dark parts. It is how you make a heart.

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