Elder Age

And then, one day all the human hearts stopped beating. The last organic heart failed and the vast machine who had kept it pulsing, was adjusted. We broke free from our past. Our youth of humanity. Now was our elder age of technology, alchemy and magic. We plugged in to the dream net to feel…

The Dragonfly Within The Girl

Future nymphs of the night Covered in light Without knowing Eternally taken from us this Metamorphosis Gold glowing Future youth of the eye Grows inside My dragonfly Evolve in time, evolve within Transformation Blood is gold, wings unfold Back to the Ancient.

My Death Sky

My death sky was pink and gold I was whispered secrets Never told.

Beautiful Mantra Prayer Sung in Sanskrit

I came across this song of a Mantra Prayer to the Goddess (Devi) called Devi Prayer… if anyone is familiar with Sanskrit, please help translate it in the comments. Peace be with you.

Transmute The Fear

A short story from the dark side… You would never suspect I was a taker of lives. I didn’t grow up wishing to be this. I didn’t dream about killing my first victim. Synchronicity brought us together and started the deathly slow-train of thought in my mind. Slowly, it snaked round my brain. She wanted…

Have you ever been to The Otherside?

Have you ever been to The Otherside? Where there is no light, there is no dark. Only balance of duality. Equilibrium of both. Be here and now. Free from judgements and light chasers. For those who know, that you cannot know the light without first knowing the dark. For those who sit, in between the…

Be at peace with your demons

Almost every human has mental health problems. But most are in denial with their ego that they do. These people will manipulate others so that their world still serves them and they don’t have to admit to anyone or themselves that they have a problem. Those that lie, trick, cheat, manipulate and impose themselves on…

Wandering Wonderer

I spend too much time thinking. Not enough time doing. I wonder about this world, in ways that don’t fit with my normalised life. I’d like to be a wonderer, a person paid to just sit and wonder about everything, imagine anything and write and create the whirls of wonder that travel through me. I…

Unwash your Brain

If your mind is free, you are never caged. Seek your own truth, not that which is presented to you. Everyone has personal agendas, private desires drawn from deep within ego minds. The soul knows, the chaos dust will settle soon. We can unwash our brains in the Seas of Understanding.

All words are spells

If we choose to listen to the words we tell ourself, the ones that bring us down, we will find ourself sinking with those words to worlds of darkness, in the underground. Be kind to yourself. Today, make the words sweet. Your soul will thank you tomorrow.

A Star is Born…

One of the many reasons I love to buy old books as opposed to new ones, is the rare delight of finding something forgotten inside it, left behind by a previous owner. Whether it be an intriguing inscription written a hundred years passed, or a curious bookmark that has a story all of its own….

Busy bodies

Like little bees, always doing. The busy lives and the bodies keep moving. When self-reflect is too a dangerous a pool to peer in. The busy bodies never see their own reflection. People who for some reason find it impossible to think about themselves, and so really be themselves, try to make up for not…

We Own The Sky

Your body is made of Stars Your brain is made of Data The Meta-Galaxy is protecting you Throughout this Great Dream   We Own The Sky Рmusic and video by M83 #consciousness #stars #starseed #mind #soul #enlightenment #universe #eternal #life #dream #galaxies #metaphysical #ego #higherself